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Solving and/or enhancing the business owner's total financial situation with regard to growing and protecting business value (OR the business).

Typically, the key issues revolve around these three items:

  • Key employee reward and retention
  • Personal wealth creation
  • Succession

An expertly designed and implemented key employee reward and retention plan, is one of the keys to building and enhancing a stable, motivated, best in class management team. Another goal of these plans is to direct benefit dollars where they will be most effective since key person plans typically are not ERISA or DOL qualified and therefore serve owners and highly compensated employees.

At least one of the goals of building a business is personal wealth creation. Whether it be for more personal autonomy, a desire to provide richly for family and self, or the potential to positively impact the world and causes they care about, personal wealth creation strategies focus on the owner and the owner’s family while building and protecting financial assets and minimizing risk and taxes.

Beginning with the end in mind, a plan for the business that survives and thrives through an ownership transition yields piece of mind as well as financial benefits. The lack of a plan for the lifetime exit or contingency transfer can leave significant wealth on the table or worse, destroy the business. Optimal succession planning takes on the dual role of aiding in building transferable value while also addressing unforeseen risks.

Our proprietary Business Wealth Profile™ is designed to give clarity to both goals and the state of the current planning mentioned above, while also taking the first steps in identifying the business’s key value drivers, coordinating and integrating exit strategy and personal wealth, and reviewing ongoing opportunities for tax reduction.