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Eliminating or reducing tax, risk and uncertainty for people realizing large incomes or capital gains due to ownership or sale of a valuable business, property or equity interest.

Typically, our analysis focuses on these three items:

  • Eliminating or deferring all capital gains, income taxes and potentially estate/gift tax
  • Designing and implementing the proper future income, growth strategy for you (Lifetime Financial Confidenceā„¢)
  • Preservation and protection planning for you and future generations with regard to legacy and asset protection planning

A large, often once in a lifetime, payoff of an investment deserves to be handled with the utmost care and attention. Working on, planning for, and growing an investment only to lose between 25% and 75% of the value due to income, capital gains and even estate taxes of course makes no sense. However, without a plan, and a careful review of the options and opportunities available, the loss is inevitable.

For those who have created exceptional wealth, we strive to simplify issues around philanthropy, trust and financial planning.