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Our Beliefs

We see ourselves as a wealth design firm; more specifically, a Business Wealth Design™ firm. As such it is our place to design and then deliver plans and programs that help build wealth for business people. Our collaborative, innovative and proven process provides a clear path for our clients to work toward building lasting wealth.

  • We believe now more than ever business people find value in our proposition because of our holistic approach and our depth of knowledge with regard to the various options available.
  • We believe the current state of affairs – the economy, constantly changing tax laws, globalization, and massive technological advancement – gives birth to both exceptional opportunity as well as exceptional risk.
  • We believe winning the game of business now will yield greater results than ever before, and thus more wealth creation than ever before. And conversely, missteps will be more costly.
  • We believe that what we do is not about selling but about co-designing solutions for business people that optimize their chances of success.
  • We believe a diagnostic process is required before any recommendation is even considered. We seek to understand first and foremost, then to be understood.

And we believe in service – truly serving to our highest capacity those with whom we are fortunate enough to engage.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Peter Drucker


Carlos H. Lowenberg Jr.
CEO and Founder

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