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Values based comprehensive wealth counsel where clients discover how they can do things like: direct money away from taxation towards heirs and charity; build one hundred year legacy wealth plans; and turn estate and financial planning processes which are typically a series of unpleasant business decisions, into a meaningful, purpose driven, and rewarding process.

Exceptional wealth creation brings with it endless possibilities for personal enjoyment, positive contribution, meaning, and self-fulfillment. Unfortunately, the complexities and competing needs of personal financial security, legacy and family wealth concerns as well as the reality of today’s investment markets can often erode confidence and cause confusion. In other instances, wealth creators know they can do more and find more personal satisfaction pursuing creative but time tested strategies to further their goals.

The process begins with simplification, and the best way to simplify is with questions that get beyond any and all complexities.

First of all the first and simplest, though sometimes most difficult, revolve around purpose. And purpose and vision are so closely related as to be almost the same thing. Second, questions surrounding how you can have an impact now with your wealth. Redirecting money lost to taxation towards making meaningful differences can impact the community you care about, your family and even you wonderfully. Lastly, questions around legacy and the ongoing development of your vision there can and will have an impact on all those you care about while also giving you the most control over your wealth possible.